Salve “Ibi et Post”

Welcome in “Ibi et Post”! My new blog about… I still don’t know, and I honestly don’t care, because, to define something means also to limit its potential. I’ll speak mainly about topics I am interested in, like Science, Society and Politics, travelling, hiking etc. But I promise you, I’ll not speak about fashion, football, or cars!

I called this blog using a Latin phrase intentionally, because I’ll use alternatively english, italian or french. Living in Europe and having already changed three countries, I would like to communicate with more people possible and to keep in touch with all the good friends I met and I’ll meet. Even though use different languages could seems dispersive to hold a blog,  I think that  limiting ourselves to only english or another language, it will also limit our comprehension and global vision, even in topics like Science, where english is “de facto” the language to communicate with.

It exist a famous latin phrase “Hic et Nunc“, “Here and Now!” usually cited to highlight the need of having something urgently, but because I believe more in the necessity of looking far in the future (and probably just because I am a lazy person…) I preferred to use “Ibi et Post“…. “THERE AND LATER!

I apologize in advance for all the grammar mistakes in english, italian, or french I’ll make and I hope you will share with me your thoughts!

Enjoy your reading and writing!!


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