Five things never to say to an Italian or to say… if you want to piss him off

Living since many years abroad and getting to know many people of different nationalities, gives you certains skills to ignore even the worst stereotypes and the most obvious jokes, and even better, to be able to laugh about it (about the person of course… not about the joke).

I am quite convinced that Good Lord equally distributed idiocy all over the world, even if I don’t fully see why… however having a good sense of humor (at least I think so…) most of the time I hear these kind of jokes I feel amused, but sometimes it’s really tough to don’t show your vexation. I just would like to list the Top Five comments that I recently heard, showing my best plastic face:

1) ” My Favourite meal is Lasagna… do you know it?”  Well… it doesn’t happen often to visit the Staffordshire and to eat his most typical cuisine… but whenever I can…

2) “Italian… oh oh Bunga Bunga…” In this case there is not a lot to say, unless you don’t want to spend the rest of the evening speaking of  “Who must not be named” and suffer of ulcer.

3) “Why do you have all this kind of different pasta? They taste all the same…” in this case you just have to pray to have patience, because if you have the strenght… you might cause a massacre and still get the extenuating circumstances.

4) “Are you Italian? Really… You don’t look like…” Apparently if you are not dark, small and wearing a mustache, introducing yourself like “It’s meee Maaaario”, you are not credible enough.

5) “What’s this? (please see the picture) How do you use it… and why?” Here it comes the most difficult cultural barrier between italians and the rest of the worIMG_0560ld… you can’t really answer, you can just say with a mysterious glance… “You can’t explain it… just try… your life will never be the same!”


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  1. And I guess the list is not finnish! Don’t worry, people all around the world are full with cliché, it’s the same for everybody whatever the nationality. 🙂

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