God Save The Pimp!


European elections are approaching, and the ex-“Cavaliere” (yes…  in the meanwhile, he lost the honorific title) seems to be only a bad memory. After the Bunga Bunga Parties, he is now comdamned to social services in a Almhouse… poor people… like if age and diseases are not enough. But is Silvio really finished???? How many times I wished that… now I don’t dare to give an answer, also because is not the right question!

He is just a man… to which people paid too much attention, taking care only on sexual scandal and never on  his most scaring crimes (if you really want to know the complete list of his legal problems just look on wikipedia, it’s too long to discuss it here). The real problem is the “Berlusconism” which will survive to him, the tendency of a part of italian society to think that “Success is measurable only in money, and that honesty is just a word in the vocabulary”

“Berlusconism” is not something that identify only people that voted his Party, so the 30% of population. Honestly I met intelligent people voting Berlusconi, and I met even honest folks voting for him… I just never met someone which had both these features at the same time.  “Berlusconism” belongs to the left and to the right, from the rich businessman tax-evader, to the working class TV-addicted. So, once Berlusconi will disappear, will Berlusconism disappear? Probably not…

And don’t consider this just an italian phenomenon, they were doing the same with fascism.

A specter is haunting Europe… the specter of Berlusconism…





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