The most precious thing


I run but I don’t practice sport, I listen but I don’t really hear or care what people say. I write, I speak but I don’t really communicate.  I dream, I imagine, but I do nothing for make it real.

I see myself and I see people around me, checking e-mails, answering the phone, using whatsapp, looking at facebook to discover that someone we barely know celebrate his birthday today. I don’t want to criticize social networks, it would be quite trivial and easy to charge technology of our scarce interest for our fellow humans.

What can we do differently? I don’t really know and I am not really qualified to give a social solution. However I am sure of something, there is only one thing which we can’t buy for people we care of… and it’s “Time”.

Time is an incommensurable good, because is something we cannot really save! I already wrote 14  lines, and my time is gone… and you just read 14 lines and your time is gone… sorry friend…. I am not sure it was worth it! Time is a dimension which works in only one sense, it moves while we move, therefore is the most precious thing you can dedicate to someone you love.

Nowadays, with globalizazion and long distance relations, it’s quite difficult to just go out for a coffe or a beer, and technology is of great help. However most of the time new technologies tends to be short, to save time, to cut sentences and shorten words. So here the idea. I took a nib, a inkwell, and stamps! I sat in front of my desk and I wrote by hand to my friends and family. It might be easy for you… but for me was extremely difficult! Since elementary school I got pages of my homeworks ripped away because my unreadable hand-writing. Can you imagine how long it took for me to write…

So, I invested my time, I wanted to dedicate my time to make people feel special! I even used sealing wax and a signet. I don’t know you, but I don’t receive hand-written letters since years. It was a nice experience, and people were really happy to find in their mailbox something different then bills and advertisings. Someone even answered… and I really appreciated the time they dedicated to me.


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