Intrum Justitia, credit recovery or professional extorsion?


intrum copy

Moving from a country to another brings always many problems, especially to a bureaucratic level. I am generally really careful with all my documents and I make sure that all my contracts and bills are regularly paied and closed. When I left Switzerland I closed my telephonic contract, and, as usual in this country, I gave to the company an official document of the canton which certified my new address.  I therefore quickly forgot all this story.

Ten Months later I received an intimidating letter, from an international credit-recovery company that I didn’t know, “Intrum Justitia“. They were  asking money for a generic service given by my former telephonic company, in the last ten months. I was, of course, quite surprised and worried by the fact that an anonymus and private company could ask money to private citizens threatening legal steps. To confirm that they were a real and serious company, after my questions, they sent me the link of their website….

After some mails we arrived to understand that my contract was indeed regurarly closed, but the last bill was not paied. This last bill was sent to my old address, (even though the telephonic company was regularly informed of my new address), therefore could never reach me. In the meaning time this bill increased considerably, and I got informed ten months later by Intrum Justitia, which also pretend to be paied of its service.

I answered that I agreed to pay my bill, but that I didn’t recognize the rest of the debt, and that I would  have not paied their not requested service. They sent me a letter intimidating me to pay in the next 5 days otherwise I would have had legal troubles. Because “it’s duty of the consumers to make sure to have paied all their bills”.

Indipendently of the specific case, what I found outrageous and at the limit of a criminal charge, it’s the request of money from a private, into a short given time, threatening legal actions. This is called EXTORSION.

I therefore decided to don’t answer anymore to Intrum Justitia, but to contact directly the telephonic company. I explained them the situation and I gave my availability to pay what I had to, refusing to pass through Intrum Justitia, which at this point I considered  untrustworthy.

I got a positive answer and I  paied only my bill. The debt was cancelled.

The moral of the story is:

-Always keep your documents well ordered

-Never pay anything without really understanding

-Pay always your debts when is right to do it

-Never be scared of bullies!!!


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