The Big Lie of Economic Growth



The Crisis! Help! We need to be more competitive! We need to be more flexible! We need reforms! We need to produce and consume more! We need ECONOMIC GROWTH!  This is, more or less, what we hear since eight years. This is the biggest LIE of our generation. We don’t need economic growth to overcome the crisis, we need SUSTAINABILITY and JUSTICE.

In  an adiabatic and isolated system, like planet Earth, the constant economic growth can be reached only to an high and bloody price. In a closed system, if someone grow up, someone else has to perish. And when this gear get stuck, often a war starts. A war which all destroy and that everything make start again.

Each time we use electricity, each time we take a car, each time we buy any cheap object, do we realize the chain of sufference and pain that is  behind our wealth?  Don’t take these words for ideology! These are not “neo-communist” or “extreme-christian” positions, these are scientific considerations. Behind our wealth, there is the misery of someone else! A misery which generate ignorance, intollerance, terrorism, war.

Sustainability and justice can be the answer to many social and environmental problems. However we can’t expect that politics will chose sustainability and justice for us, because they don’t have any interest to do it.  And again… these are not the words of “conspiracy“. There is no conspiracy, there are only too many banks and too many companies inside our parliaments.

Only consumers can have the will and the power to stop growing and to be sustainable. Consumers can start a new market! “Where the object was done and by Who? Was he/she paied honestly? How much CO2 was produced by the making and shipping of this item? How much of it is recyclable? etc etc

We live in a small world, the decisions of few effect the destiny of many.


One comment

  1. I totally agree with you!!!
    Everything is in our hands now, if we want to change the world, to save the environment, the animals, the planet, then we have to take our responsibilities, to think before to buy, to be intelligent customers. Everything is connected, climate, work, peace. I am quite sure that we will quit this crisis only thanks to the alternative, fair and ecological economy.
    Bravo for your blog!

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