Ama et fac quod vis!

Et Voilà, the big step is done! In a beautiful afternoon of May, “Ibi et Post” get married.

In a society which seems to push us to worry for the future, career, job, money etc… I must admit, that this was the most spontaneous thing I have ever done. Like spontaneous and marvelous was the Yes of my wife when I proposed her.

It was difficult to organize, 4 different languages, different religions, different cultures, and… different chemistry topic! An organic chemist which married an inorganic one… seriously… There is no more common sense in this world.

However, despite any difference, we had a beautiful multilingual, ecumenical and multicultural ceremony! I will add that it was also a multidisciplinary wedding, because we had a Poster Session during cocktail!! I know… it can looks weird… but it wass really funny!

We will continue to live our lives following this path. Aware that despite any problem, difference or obstacle, after all, there is only Love which matters.


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